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Easy Tips for Common Situations

Our tips and tricks are just what you need in between major repair and maintenance services! We have suggestions for troubleshooting and easy fixes for basic issues.

The application of exterior-grade paint which blocks water from soaking into the wood is the best way to provide protection. Since even the best paint can wear, it is best to repaint the panels every year. They require full cleaning beforehand. Make sure that you select paint which is suitable for the type of wood which the garage door is made from.
Garage door springs have the important task of keeping your door aligned as it should be. When problems arise, inspect the springs to see if either of them has failed. Often, the only reasonable way of dealing with this problem is to call a professional who can properly adjust the tension on each spring. Ignoring the problem will allow it to worsen, until the door is inoperable.
There are different types of door openers, so our experts suggest choosing the best one for your needs. You can buy a belt drive garage door opener if you are particular with quiet operation or a screw drive garage door opener if you want a low-maintenance unit. For more economical option, consider the chain drive type but it’s the noisiest of the three.
The backup battery is typically available as an optional accessory. It enables the garage door opener to close and open the unit even when the power goes out. This can be particularly valuable in emergency situations. This feature is generally a top option for people who cannot operate their door manually.
These sounds typically signal that the garage door rollers have are worn. You should look at them and watch out for signs of dullness, deformation and dentures. Our technicians recommend that you look closely at both the wheels and the axles. All worn-out components must be replaced timely with new ones of the same size.

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