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Here you will find the answers to important questions which we are often asked by our clients. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn new things about your garage door and its different components. You will certainly benefit from this knowledge when it comes to maintenance and problem resolution.

For more information about common garage door questions and issues, you may check out our most frequented questions on this page. These questions will give you a better idea about various garage door concerns.  Browse on the list and get the answers to your garage door questions coming from the professionals.

Here are our answers to your questions about garage doors, openers, springs and maintenance

  • If I want to dabble in some garage door DIY, will I be able to pull it off?

    If you have experience in garage door repair, you can do some minor repairs. If it is your first time doing a DIY task and the damage is quite major, it is wise to avoid any risks and hire a professional garage door contractor to handle the repair for you. It will save you both the time and the risk.

  • When is door insulation unnecessary?

    In most cases, door insulation is needed as it prevents external temperatures from affecting internal temperatures. If a home’s HVAC covers the garage, the lack of insulation can result to higher heating or cooling costs. Insulation may not be needed if the garage is not included in the centralized heating/cooling system and if there are no temperature-sensitive items in the garage.

  • How is the safety reverse feature tested?

    Testing whether or not the safety reverse feature of a garage door opener works, according to our garage door repair specialists, is very simple process. All you need is a big enough object, a box or even a potted plant, that can be placed along the door’s path. The door should reverse if there is an obstruction on its way.

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